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Online Resources

Online resources have made a great revolution in the education system. They are easily accessible and they make the entire process of learning very interesting and memorable. There are plenty of free and paid resources for students on the internet. Each student will prefer different materials based on their subject, interest, and learning style. Students are invited to share their own notes, online tools, online resources, and more. You can add tags while uploading the notes which can be more helpful for the users to fetch good and easy search results in minimal time.

When you come up with doubts while preparing for the exams like JEE/NEET, you may get stuck with the flow and soon it ends in distraction. To avoid such problems, Doubt Help is anytime, anywhere with you. The user can sign up or sign in to Doubt Help using his Google/Facebook id. Thereafter one can post his question as text/image. With just a click, the captured/stored image will be extracted to a text file, and quickly the user can get into the proper answers. Doubt Help allows its users to add/edit answers and to give like/dislike on the same.